DAV Vatika School
G-Block, Ashok Vihar, Phase-I, Delhi - 110052
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Golden Tips  

 Timings for saplings, Tender Buds, Caterpillars, and Butterflies will be from 9:00 a.m. 

Parents of Saplings to Butterflies who wish to avail the school facility till 1:40p.m. For kids, please inform the class mentor prior.

We have planned activities from 9:00a.m. Onwards. Please ensure your ward catch up them from the fixed schedule. Being late will make him/her sad.

Habit of making your kid wearing I–Card daily ensures your child individuality and safety.

To the above extension as safety concern please fill the particulars correctly in Interaction Notebook. Hmmm…. Don’t forget to correct it with the concerned teacher in case of any change.

We will be happy if you acknowledge Interaction Notebook daily as it is the bridge between home and class environment.

It is further appreciated and beneficial to both of us, if all the things that belong to the kids are labeled properly (to avoid the inconvenience at your part if it is lost).

Don’t forget to verify the credentials of the van driver and ensure that the name of the transporter and vehicle number is clearly mentioned.

We will encourage hygienic practice but we know mother is always a first teacher.

Any medical ailment which can hamper child’s growth in his learning journey should be informed to the class mentor immediately.

As per new theory, we are more appreciative in our attitude, conduct and language while dealing with the child. Try not to be judgmental about his/her actions (tip).

Please give a comfortably sized water sipper to the child. It can be refilled from the school water source as entire drinking supply of the school is R.O. purified.

Keep your ward’s hair and nails trimmed as it can hinder Childs’ activity programme.

The special day in child’s life is filled with cakes, candles surprises – BIRTHDAY, to ensure nothing goes wrong with that unique day of your child. Send the cake by 9:30 a.m. or if you want to join them as icing on the cake, please fix the arrangement with the class mentor a day or two days before.

Ensure that the child donot wear earrings in one/ both ears girls must avoid applying nail polish or mehandi.

It is suggested to avoid delay or any sort of complication to send an authority letter or ID proof with the person coming to pick up the child in case you are unavailable to pick your ward or else some other van driver is assigned.

Does your child need a mobile phone?

As a parent you are the better judge, your child safety is our prime concern, in the tech savvy environment. We will advise you to manage the use of mobile phones with your kid accordingly.

Adhere to formal dress code (for parents) when visiting the school refrain particularly from wearing shorts, bathroom slippers and night suits to the school.

Teachers are the next parent in school for your kid; avoid criticism of teachers in the presence of your child.

Attend P.T.M., orientation, projects as per given time schedule as they are for benefit of your ward.

A CHILD’s BAG REQUIRE: a pair of extra clothing to avoid unforeseen needs must be deposited to the class mentor to be utilized at the time of emergency.